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Friday, February 10, 2012

Better Punishment or Lucky the father didn't shoot his daughter?!?!?!?

A video purporting to be the work of an angry father teaching his daughter a lesson by shooting bullets through her laptop is the viral video of day. The father, who identifies himself as Tommy Jordan, says his daughter broke ground rules when using Facebook, and posted disrespectful remarks about him there.
He retaliates by laying out a case against her in an 8-minute video, concluding it with firing 8 bullets through her computer. The video was posted on YouTube and supposedly on the 15-year-old girl’s Facebook page last night. By mid-morning, it had more than 1 million views, and it sparked debate across the Web – some cheered on the father’s "tough love," while others accused him of abuse.
As this video continues to blow up on the Internet, we are investigating whether this is a real parent or some sort of stunt. We’ll explore this issue in depth later today in Red Tape Chronicles.
Tell us what you think. Is this appropriate parenting, abuse ... or somewhere in between? How do you, as a parent, a teen, a teacher or someone who cares, deal with conflicts between Facebook and "the real world?"